Frequently Asked Questions

Are your "Everlasting Roses" real roses?

Yes they are! Our Everlasting Roses are 100% natural and are meticulously grown in South America, then sent to us directly from our flower farm.


How is it possible for real roses to last a year?

Once the roses are picked at the peak of their bloom, they then begin our enhanced preservation process. These steps involve an advanced solution which prevents the rose from aging, traps the freshness, and afterwards a color pigmentation procedure is followed to create a beautiful selection of colors.


Do the flowers still hold a scent?

Of course! Audae & CO. believes that one of the best things to experience with any floral arrangement is being able to enjoy the smell of your flowers. When every client first receives their arrangement, they will be welcomed by the lovely aroma we've all known to love.


Is it possible to design my own arrangement?

Absolutely. We highly encourage everyone to make their arrangements one of a kind. Take advantage of endless combinations that can be created from the variety of design patterns, rose colors, box material and color. If it can be envisioned, we will bring it to life.


Am I able to remove the flowers from their box?

No you are not. Our Everlasting Roses are permanently placed in their specified box and are meant to stay as is for the entire time they are in your possession. Removing them will damage the arrangement.


What maintenance steps do I need to follow?

You'll need to follow very little or close to none! The benefit of having our arrangements is that unlike regular flowers, you do not need to water, change placement/vases, or remove any wilting petals.

Please refer to our Product Care page to be further educated on caring for your arrangemenet.


What is your Return / Cancellation policy?


Cancellations can only be made up to 2 days prior to the date of delivery. Please see the email below or refer to our contact page to notify a representative.




Unfortunately since all of our arrangements are specifically created for each individual, we are unable to accept returns. If you would like to cancel an order that was recently placed, please refer to our cancellation policy above.


How do I schedule my desired delivery date?

You are able to input your desired delivery date during the ordering process and select a shipping option best suited for your needs.

Specific delivery dates are currently unavailable for international orders.


Do you ship internationally?

Audae & CO. ships nationwide from Los Angeles, California and overseas. International clients will see a shipping option for their country during checkout.